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You cared too much. It was too good to be true.” 

I didn’t care too much. I cared just enough to try and make the distance and lack of dates to be somewhat bearable.

I cared enough because I knew you had issues and I wanted you to understand that I’d be there for you.

I cared enough because I thought you would’ve been worth it and everything would’ve worked out in the end, but it didn’t.

There’s no such thing as caring too much. I hope one day you realize the people who care “too much” are the ones worth keeping. 


Amos Lee - Sweet Pea

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Miniature Tigers - Giraffe | Tell It To The Volcano

I’ve been drinking
with wolves dressed up as sheep
they’ve been killing
injured creatures in their sleep

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"You should’ve just left her in the friendzone"

— All my of my friends


strings // young the giant

me two months ago

me two months ago

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